X factor and strictly viewing figures

2020-02-17 15:20 X Factor BEATS Strictly Come Dancing in ratings war in shock revised viewing figures. The two shows have a tradition of being pitted against each other in the autumn TV schedules

RATINGS! Doctor Who, Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor viewing figures Latest UK TV viewing figures and ratings. Posted November 5, Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor on Sunday night. x factor and strictly viewing figures

XFactor viewing figures. as oppose to when people switch over from Strictly or Merlin. Surprisingly, most of them hung around for Miley which I didn't expect. The figures usually dip when they go to the recaps and voting numbers, so I didn't expect Miley Cyrus to reverse the trend! There is a fast moving ratings thread in the TV

However, The X Factors figures improve when viewing on catchup services and repeats are taken into account and ITV said it had beaten Strictly for viewers between the ages of 16 and 34 on x factor and strictly viewing figures

Strictly Come Dancing beat ITV's X Factor in their Friday night ratings battle, with the BBC One show pulling in 700, 000 more viewers. It was one of the lowest X Factor viewing figures since X Factor has the lowest viewing figures yet for a series final as just seven million tune in, while Strictly ratings soar to 12. 1million 20 audience share saw Matt Terry crowned latest X Factor 1 day ago  But in more recent years, The X Factors star has most definitely waned; having once had viewing figures of 17. 7 million during the halcyon days of 2010, last year it limped to the stables with x factor and strictly viewing figures Strictly Come Dancing viewing figures show trounces X Factor in ratings war. The hit BBC1 show swept to the top spot as nearly double the number of X Factor viewers tuned in Strictly dances off with Saturday night viewing figures BBC competition attracts audience of 9. 4 million compared to an alltime low of 4. 8 million for its rival, ITVs X Factor Graham Ruddick Strictly attracted an average of 9. 4 million viewers, while The X Factor drew 7. 4 million. The viewing figures do not include catchup services. Both shows dominated viewing in their timeslots. Overnight figures have revealed the viewing numbers for primetime shows X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing last night. . And there is a very clear winner The first live X Factor show of the

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