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2020-02-24 10:51 I can deal with a bug, this is an early access game, it's part of the description, but to release a fix for the bug and not actually fix it, that's something else. I'm not gonna give up on the game just because of one mistake, but it'd be nice to know that they're working on it.

Feb 25, 2019 Meat grinder new but not working ibrahim seif. Loading Unsubscribe from ibrahim seif? This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Feb 25, 2019. grinder minefactory not working

Mar 09, 2014 Minefactory Reloaded Grinder stopped working in the Nether. Search Search all Forums Search this Forum Search this Thread Tools Jump to Forum Minefactory Reloaded Grinder stopped working in the Nether# 1 Mar 9, 2014. kwickbeam. kwickbeam. View User Profile View Posts Send Message Out of the Water

Squid grinder help posted in QuestionsHelp: So far, Ive been just randomly killing squid when they spawn in the pond by my farm. Its fine but slow. I have been working up to Tier 5 Soul Shards for various hostile mobs, but you cant collect the souls of squids. but could the Minefactory Reloaded stuff be used here? thanks, I will look grinder minefactory not working

Grinder is a block added by the MineFactory Reloaded mod. When supplied with energy, it will kill any mobs in an area 5x5x4 in front of it, grabbing the drops. It will eject to the usual output targets (chest, pipes) or just fling it into the air. Grinder (MineFactory Reloaded) has no known uses in crafting. Note Jun 11, 2015 Question about MineFactory Reloaded. Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Tyken132, May 5, 2013. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next but its still not working, i think it might be because im using Mekanism Universal Cables. gullgum, Jun 11, 2015# 12. KingTriaxx Forum Addict. Height Range of Breeder, Mob Grinder, Rancher Forum Questions and Answers board Height Range of Breeder, Mob Grinder, Rancher The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. grinder minefactory not working Jul 17, 2018 Minefactory Reloaded Grinder stopped working in the Nether Mods. I had set up a grinder in the nether and it was working just fine for almost 5 hours. But for some reason it just stopped working. It stuck on idle for The Grinder is added by the MineFactory Reloaded mod. Like most MFR Machines, it runs on either Buildraft or Industrial Craft 2 power. The Grinder will slaughter any mobs or animals (including cats but it will not kill players, baby animals and Iron Golems) in a 5x5 (front) area and

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