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2020-02-23 15:58 Registration and Grant of License How to Register a Factory Online using Mahakamgar. Application in triplicate in Form 2 for registration of the Factory and Grant of License for a period not exceeding 10 years; Original copy of Challan of license fees paid one self certified xerox copy of challan; Electricity Bill as a proof for

Shop Act Registration Application for All Maharashtra except Mumbai (Intimation For 0 to 9 Employees) Registration for Office Address in. All Maharashtra except Mumbai Mumbai (BMC) Type Of Registration. New Renewal. Applicant Name. Mobile No. Email Id Aadhaar No Date of Birth Gender Attachment Photo of Applicant (Upload later) factory license fees maharashtra

FACTORY LICENSING DEPARTMENT. Factory Licensing Deptt. is situated at 11th Floor, Dr. SPM Civic Center, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, New Delhi and deals with the issue of Municipal License under sections 416& 417 of DMC Act, as per provisions of the Master Plan of Delhi, instructions issued by MCD from time to time and decisions of various courts.

Download Digital Signature validation process User manual for Shop and Establishment Intimation service Download User Manual for Shop, CL& PE User Manual for Registration and Renewal of BoilerEconomiser User Manual for Factory Form27 CSC Center List. factory license fees maharashtra

User Manual for Factory License Renewal Step 1: Enter this URL: A. Factory Registration (Exiting User) to fill Renewal Factory License application. B. Approval of Plan (Form1) to fill Factory plan as per Rule 3 of MFR, 1963 application. FACTORIES SETUP IN MAHARASHTRA AND BOMBAY SHOPS AND ESTABISLHMENTS ACT, 1948 Approval, licensing and registration of Factories: obtained for the site on which the factory is to be situated. fees payable for such registration and licensing and for renewal of licences. (1) The occupier or manager of a factory coming within the scope of the Act has to apply to the Chief Inspector of Factories for getting the factory registered and obtaining a license for it. (2) The application should be accompanied by the fees prescribed for the purpose. factory license fees maharashtra 9. Pay the necessary fees online; 10. For Non hazardous factory the application of Renewal of licence will be scrutinised by the department and if found ok, the license will be renewed within seven days. 11. For hazardous factory the application of Renewal of licence will be scrutinised by the department and if found ok, the license will be Papers required for obtaining Factory License, Factory License Fee, Factory License Annual Return (Form No. 27), Factory License Procedure, Form No. 2 Factory License, Renewal Fees Factory License Tamilnadu Revised Factory License Fees with effect 27 September 2017. By Labour Law News on Oct 03, 2017. Facebook; Twitter Maharashtra Shops and Establishments Act 2017. Author Labour Law News Posted on December 31, 2017. Revised Factory Licence Fee for Maharashtra Please find the revised (increased) Factory License Fee for Maharashtra State with effect from 2013. Every factory having valid licence for 2013 onward, must pay their difference fee due to increase for 2013 and onward period before Oct, 2012 to the department without any late fee.

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