Fun facts about opal birthstone

2020-02-26 06:42 6 Fun Facts About the October Birthstone, Opal 1. The word opal is derived from the word opalus which means precious stone in Latin. 2. It is a soft and brittle stone. 3. It was believed in the ancient days that the opal had the power of giving foresight 4. Opal is also believed to bring

10 October Birthstone Fun Facts While most months are traditionally associated with one gemstone September with sapphires, for example October is one of the few that has two birthstones. Opal and tourmaline are two very different gems, offering those born in October a choice over which speaks most to their unique tastes. fun facts about opal birthstone

Fun Facts: Birthstone Legends. Ruby is a gemstone that is steeped in Legend and Lore, July's birthstone is said to preserve physical and mental health, and prevent evil thoughts. Ruby is one of the world's rarest and costliest gems and is said to be the Gem King (DCA Colored Stones, Compendium).

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fun facts about opal birthstone

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