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2020-02-24 00:27 Responsive Lightbox& Gallery allows users to create galleries and view larger versions of images, galleries and videos in a lightbox (overlay) effect optimized for mobile devices. For more information, check out plugin page at dFactory or see the Live demo on

dFactory Responsive Lightbox. You can choose to use Responsive Library for your gallery or albums by going to the Options Tab and setting Thumbnail Click Opens to Original Image. Then scroll down to Lightbox Settings and click the button next to Use dFactory Responsive Lightbox and you are good to dfactory responsive lightbox

Image Lightbox: This lightbox popsout the image but leaves the background as is. The first picture is a before image and the second image is an after picture. The first picture is a before image and the second image is an after picture.

The Snippet to make Responsive Lightbox by dFactory work with FooGallery (Hattip to one of the FooGallery plugin authors who offered this solution in the plugins support forum. ) To make Responsive Lightbox by dFactory work with FooGallery, use the following dfactory responsive lightbox

Responsive Lightbox& Gallery the most popular lightbox plugin and a powerful, easy to use gallery builder for WordPress. Allows you to create galleries and to view larger versions of images and galleries in a lightbox (overlay) effect optimized for mobile devices. dFactory Responsive Lightbox. We released version 4. 11 this week with a big upgrade of our responsive lightbox options. MaxGalleria ships with the terrific Magnific Popup responsive lightbox installed standard. And now with version 4. 11 you will see a box suggesting the installation of the Responsive Lightbox plugin by dFactory. How can the answer be improved? dfactory responsive lightbox Responsive Lightbox By dFactory Responsive Lightbox WordPress plugin helps you optimized large size images and galleries to make them look attractive on different devices. It offers 7 types of lightbox scripts which are swipebox, prettyphoto, fancybox, nivo lightbox, image lightbox, etc. 1 Choose a Lightbox Plugin. A lightbox allows a visitor to your site to click a small version of an image on your site and display the larger version on top of the content with the content displayed darker in the background. Each lightbox plugin works a little differently in terms of how the image enlarges, how the navigation displays, Responsive Lightbox by dFactory can be enabled for widgets and comments. The plugin can be forced for different WordPress gallery replacements like Jetpack or Visual Composer galleries. Responsive Lightbox by dFactory can also replace the default product gallery lightbox from WooCommerce. Pick a responsive lightbox that will fit desktops and mobiles or pick any for desktop and then a responsive for mobile. Lightboxes are assorted in a way that you do not need to pay extra just to have a feature there are free, bundled alternatives for everything.

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