The solution process is governed by two factors

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Chapter 12 section 2 the solution process factors. At higher temperatures, collisions between solvent molecules and solvent are more frequent and of higher energy. This helps to disperse solute molecules among the solvent molecules, and speed up the dissolving process. This the solution process is governed by two factors

For a solution, this point is called the saturation point and the solution itself is called a saturated solution. At the point of saturation, no more solute will dissolve in the solvent. Rather the process of dissolving and precipitation are both occurring simultaneously and at the same rate.

Disorder systems have a natural tendency to become more disordered. Entropy a measure of the disorder in the system Entropy Disorder. Mixing leads to greater disorder and the entropy. The solution process is governed by the combination of the enthalpy and entropy factors. the solution process is governed by two factors

How can the answer be improved? The solution processChapter 13. 2Objectives: List and explain three factors that affect the rate at which a solid solute dissolves in a liquid solvent. Explain solution equilibrium, and distinguish among saturated, unsaturated, and supersaturated solutions. Explain the meaning of like dissolves like in terms of polar and Disorder systems have a natural tendency to become more disordered. Entropy a measure of the disorder in the system Entropy Disorder. Mixing leads to greater disorder and the entropy. The solution process is governed by the combination of the enthalpy and entropy factors. the solution process is governed by two factors Solutions of liquids in liquids. Some liquids, such as ethyl alcohol and water, are miscible in all proportions. Others, like the proverbial oil and water, are not; each liquid has only a limited solubility in the other, and once either of these limits is exceeded, the mixture separates into two phases. The nature of a crystallization process is governed by both thermodynamic and kinetic factors, which can make it highly variable and difficult to control. Factors such as impurity level, mixing regime, vessel design, and cooling profile can have a major impact on the size, number, and shape of crystals produced. 12. 2 Solution process is governed by two factors. 1) energy determines whether a solution process is exothermic or endothermic. 2) inherent tendency toward disorder in all natural events. when solutes and solvents mix to form a solution, there is an increase in randomness or disorder.

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