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2020-02-17 15:58 In November 2018, Rex Factor went on its first ever live tour, starting with this recording in London where we did the Battle of the Champions Henry II (champion of the English monarchs) vs. Robert the Bruce (champion of the Scots).

Feb 22, 2018  Last year the Rex Factor won the attentions of the Guardian, and in a desperate and cynical bid to get The Younguns Podcast noticed, we decided to invite the Rex Factors hosts, our good rex factor henry viii

In a departure from our usual fare, this week we take a closer look at Henry VIII and consider how it was that the promising 17 yearold who came to the throne in 1509 should turn into the tyrannical monster that died in 1547.

The Younguns Podcast Presents: Rex Factor, Live From The Pirate Castle in London. the musical abilities of Henry VIII, play a monarchy based round of the Birthday Game, which gets rather heated; and author and voice of The Transports, Matthew Crampton, rex factor henry viii

A guide to the key names in the Henry VIII episode: The King. Henry VIII the second Tudor monarch. The Dead (featured in previous episodes but relevant to this one too! ) Edward IV the first Yorkist king and Henry VIIIs maternal grandfather, whom he resembled in appearance and character. Rex Factor Reviewing all the Kings and Queens of England& Scotland. Search. Main menu. Skip to primary content. Whos Who Henry VII. A guide to the key names in the Henry VII podcast episode: The Royal Family. Henrys second and rather more robust son who would later become Henry VIII. Margaret Tudor Henrys eldest Rex Factor. Society& Culture: History. 38. Edward VI. . Download After the tumultuous reign of Henry VIII, in 1547 his young son Edward VI comes to the throne. As a minor, Edward's reign is dominated the machinations of the key men at court, particularly his uncles (Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, and Thomas Seymour), and John rex factor henry viii Rex Factor is a lighthearted podcast reviewing all the kings and queens of England& Scotland, where we discuss which monarchs have the mark of greatness the Rex Factor! (Edward I) vs. Graham's favourite (Henry VIII). All pretence of neutrality went out of the window but who would the good people of Bristol vote as the winner? In November 2018, Rex Factor went on its first ever live tour, starting with this recording in London where we did the Battle of the Champions Henry II (champion of the English monarchs) vs. Robert the Bruce (champion of the Scots).

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