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2020-02-19 07:02 Intermediateterm taxable investment grade Mutual Fund Retail Share Classes Data as of Dec. 31, 2018 Investment objective The fund seeks to provide a high level of current income, with liquidity and safety of principal. Invesco Quality Income Fund fact sheet (PDF) Author:

Vanguard Wellington Investor Fund Morningstar Moderate Target Risk Index Allocation50 to 70 Equity Vanguard Wellington Investor Fund as of Toptenholdings ofnet assets 1. Microsoft Corp 2. 13 Fact Sheet Table App Author: vwstx fact sheet

Zack Shafran is coportfolio manager of Ivy Science and Technology Fund and Ivy VIP Science and Technology. He has been portfolio manager of the Science and Technology funds since 2001. He assumed coportfolio manager responsibilities for the funds in 2016. Mr. Shafran joined the organization in 1990 as an equity investment analyst.

ShortTerm TaxExempt Fund Admiral VWSUX. ShortTerm Treasury Fund Admiral VFIRX. ShortTerm Treasury Index Fund Admiral VSBSX; UltraShortTerm Bond Fund Admiral VUSFX. Intermediate. California IntermediateTerm TaxExempt Fund Admiral VCADX. Core Bond Fund Admiral VCOBX. vwstx fact sheet

New World Fund GROWTH FUNDS. New World Fund (NEWFX) VIEW A DIFFERENT FUND American Funds Strategic Bond Fund and American Funds Inflation Linked Bond Fund also decrease when a dividend is paid. A fund pays a special dividend when the investment income generated by the fund exceeds the income the fund has paid in the form of Applies two levels of active management, with portfolio allocation decisions across stocks, bonds, and alternative strategies determined by the GMO Asset Allocation team, led by Ben Inker, and implemented by GMO's seasoned and institutionally oriented portfolio management teams. periods were 876, 767, and 560, respectively. The MetWest Total Return Bond Fund I Share received a rating of 3 stars for the 3 and 5year periods, and 5 stars for the 10year period. The MetWest Total Return Bond Fund P Share received a rating of 3 stars for the 3year period, and 4 stars for the 5year period. 2018 Morningstar, Inc. vwstx fact sheet F und facts as of Dec. 31 2018 D ividend frequency if any A nnual M orningstar category S mall Growth L ipper category S mallCap Growth Funds Turnover (scal yr) 1 0 A ny information, statement or opinion set forth herein is general i n nature, is not directed to or based on the nancial situation or 75, 000 50, 000 25, 000 0 AsofDecember31, 2018 Factsheet wellsfargofunds. com Specialized Technology Fund Asset class: Equity Class CUSIP Ticker Institutional B878 WFTIX Invesco American Franchise Fund Largecap growth Mutual Fund Retail Share Classes Data as of Dec. 31, 2018 Investment objective The fund seeks longterm capital appreciation. Portfolio management Invesco American Franchise Fund fact sheet (PDF) Author: Invesco Created Date:

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