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2020-02-24 02:33 Bell Pepper Fun Facts. Peppers are members of the Solanaceae or Nightshade family, a wideranging species with more than 2, 000 types of plants, some of them edible, some ornamental, some medicinal, and others poisonous. Bell peppers are related to tomato, potato, tobacco, eggplant, and petunia.

Although the red bell pepper is the ripe form of green bell pepper, one of the most important nutrition facts is that red bell pepper has 10 times more beta carotene than the green one. They are also rich in many minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, molybdenum, potassium, etc. green bell pepper fun facts

Apr 15, 2014  10 Facts about Bell Peppers 10 FACTS ABOUT RED BELL PEPPERS Red Bell peppers have more vitamins and nutrients, 9 times the antioxidants, twice the vitamin C than green bell peppers. By SucceedwithCindie Posted in Interesting Facts Tagged bell peppers, Benefits, Body,

Interesting Facts about Bell Peppers. Consider the bell pepper: loaded with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, it also provides protein and fiber. However, most importantly, bell peppers pack a punch of sweet, fresh flavor guaranteed to liven up any dish while adding few calories. Peppers were cultivated for centuries in South green bell pepper fun facts

Here are some fun facts about red bell peppers you may not have known! Red bell peppers are simply green bell peppers that have been left on the vine to continue to ripen. Peppers are actually fruits because they are produced from a flowering plant and contain seedsmost people think of them as vegetables. Fun Facts of Bell Peppers. Red, orange and yellow bell peppers are the riper versions of the green bell pepper. As bell peppers mature, their sugar and nutritional content also increase. Although green peppers might be crunchier, you can make your dishes sweeter and How can the answer be improved? green bell pepper fun facts Fruits and Vegetables Facts, The Joy of Cooking bell peppers, Christopher Columbus, European colonization of Africa, food for fun, healthy eating, joy of cooking, little known facts about peppers, nutritional value, peppers are fruits, Spanish Conquistadors Permalink. Bell Pepper Nutrition Facts& Health Benefits. By Charl these fruits are great for weightloss. One green bell pepper has about 25 calories and 5 grams of carbohydrate, has no fat or cholesterol and contains only 13 milligrams of sodium. DurableHealth is packed with plenty of interesting, easy to understand and uptodate information on Fun, Interesting& Trivia Facts about Red, Green, Yellow, Orange Bell Pepper Facts The first bell pepper fact is that it is the only member of Capsicum genus Peppers are actually fruits. Why? Simply because they are produced from a flowering plant Peppers were named by Christopher Columbus Red and Yellow Bell Peppers. These colors result from carotenoids concentrated in the flesh of the pepper, and it's these same carotenoids that give tomatoes, carrots, and grapefruits their healthy hues. The range of benefits provided by these colorful pigments include improved immune function, better communication between cells,

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