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2020-02-29 09:55 \begingroup Below n4, the exponential grows faster. above n4 the factorial grow faster. \endgroup Dale Jul 22 '18 at 21: 30 \begingroup what a great question! ! Liked it. . \endgroup Vicrobot Sep 8 '18 at 21: 09

Larger factorial values can be approximated using Stirling's formula. Wolfram Alpha can calculate exact results for the ceiling function and floor function applied to the binary, natural and common logarithm of n! for values of n up to 249 999, and up to 20 000 000! for the integers. fast factorial calculation

Fast Factorial Calculator 2 View as PDF Submit solution All submissions. Best submissions. Points: 25 (partial) Time limit: 1. 0s. Memory limit: 64M. Author: d. Problem type. d is not in a good mood today, so he has decided to torment people. He wants you to write a large factorial calculator.

Any shortcut to calculate factorial of a number (Without calculator or n to 1)? Ask Question 5. 3 \begingroup I've been searching the internet for quite a while now to find anything useful that could help me to figure out how to calculate factorial of a certain number without using calculator but no fast factorial calculation

function factorial (n) j 1; for(i1; in; i) j ji; return j; I think the best solution would be to use the cached values, as Margus mentioned and use the stirlings approximation for larger values (assumed you have to be realy fast and don't have to be that exact on such big numbers). This calculator computes the factorial n! for n up to incredible. 999 in less than a second. Nov 12, 2018 sign, and it means to multiply together all the numbers descending from the factorial number. Once you understand what a factorial is, it is simple to compute, especially with the aid of a scientific calculator. fast factorial calculation The above formulas, step by step calculation& solved example may be useful to understand how to determine the factorial of a number but for fast computation, when it comes to online this factorial calculator may be useful to perform& verify your such calculations online. Fast Factorial. Factorial function is simple enough. But there is still some fun about it. In Stirlings Approximation article weve seen how to calculate good factorial approximation faster than exact value. By the way, there is an algorithm to calculate exact value of factorial faster than by definition. Fastest Way to compute a factorial. . . Then you can compute each one in constant time on average by using n! n (n1)! . Usually you'll be doing the computations modulo something so the values don't grow exponentially large, if not then doing big integer multiplications will start to slow you down so beware. The Homepage of Factorial Algorithms. (C) Peter Luschny, . All information and all source code in this directory is free under the Creative Commons 3. 0 Unported License.

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