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National Policy on Education (NPE), 1986. This section has two subsections namely The Policy Frame, National System of education. Important aspects of National System of education such as Education for equality, ChildCentred Approach, School Facilities and Non Formal Education national education policy 1986

The National Policy on Education (NPE) was adopted by Parliament in May 1986. A committee was set up under the chairmanship of Acharya Ramamurti in May 1990 to review NPE and to make recommendations for its modifications. That Committee submitted its report in December 1990.

National Education Policy 1986 Essay. This is just a sample. Objectives and features: The National education policy on education (1986) is known as new education policy (NEP ). The call for the National education policy was first give by Prime Minister of India Shri Rajiv Gandhi in his broadcast to the nation on 5th Jan. 1985. national education policy 1986

NATIONAL EDUCATION POLICY (1986) Objectives and features: . The National education policy on education (1986) is known as new education policy (NEP ). The call for the National education policy was first give by Prime Minister of India Shri Rajiv Gandhi in his broadcast to the nation on 5th Jan. 1985. This article throws light upon the eleven salient features of national policy on education (1986). The features are: 1. The Essence and Role of Education 2. National System of Education 3. Education for Equality 4. Reorganisation of Education of Different Stages 5. Technical and Management Education 6. Making the System Work 7. How can the answer be improved? national education policy 1986 Education is the highway to that goal: The National Policy of 1968 marked a significant step in the history of education in postIndependence India. It aimed to promote national progress a sense of common citizenship and culture, and to strengthen national integration. National Portal of India is a Mission Mode Project under the National EGovernance Plan, designed and developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC), Ministry of Electronics& Information Technology, Government of India. CHILD Protection& Child Rights IV. National Mechanisms Child Related Policies National Policy on Education 1986 (as modified in 1992) The National Policy on Education is an extensive document that covers all aspects of education from elementary to university level and even adult education. National Policy on Education 1986. INTRODUCTORY 1. 1 Education has continued to evolve, diversify and extend its reach and coverage since the dawn of human history. Every country develops its system of education to express and promote its unique socio cultural identity and also to meet the challenges of the times.

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