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2020-02-19 08:38 The Conjuring 2 True Story: 9 Freaky Facts About The Real Enfield Haunting Before Movie Release. While the first film saw the couple battle evil spirits inside the Perron familys home in Rhode Island, the sophomore installment, The Conjuring 2, will take the pair over to Enfield, England, where the Hodgsons are battling some seriously powerful

Two paranormal investigators help a family that is haunted by an evil presence. The film is the first installment in The Conjuring franchise. conjuring movie facts

References to other movies can be found in the Warrens home. A painting of the house from The Conjuring (2013) is seen in Ed's office. The doll from Annabelle (2014) and the music box from The Conjuring are seen among the collection in their den as well.

Bits of the story of the haunting are part of the story of The Conjuring 2, and the case went on to inspire all of the movies in the various Amityville Horror franchises. conjuring movie facts

The Conjuring was made on a relatively modest budget of 20m, but went on to recoup that figure back nearly 16 times over to become one of the most profitable scary movies of all time. It was also the first horror film since 2004s Van Helsing to gross over 300 million worldwide and the fifth most successful supernatural tale in domestic history. Trivia. The real Lorraine Warren and Andrea Perron served as consultants to director James Wan and the screenwriters. They both claim the movie is accurate to the real story of what happened to the Perrons during the ten years they lived in the farmhouse. How can the answer be improved? conjuring movie facts And in a case that came to be known as The Witch Farmhouse the Warrens investigated the troubled Perron family, which is where The Conjuring begins.

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