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2020-02-20 05:38 oz manufacturing company is a division of gertrude, inc. , a global innovation, brand development, advertising, and marketing services consultancy. OZ MFG. COMPANY IS GERTRUDEs DESIGN, INNOVATION, BRANDING, AND PRODUCTION DIVISION SPECIALIZING IN CORPORATE IDENTITY, BRAND MANAGEMENT, PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, PACKAGING, STRUCTURAL DESIGN

Mar 16, 2018 All Nightmare logos continue! i own nothing UNIVERSAL DISCLAIMER IN POEM FORM: All credits go to their respective owners whoever they may be and all the QMG177 logos are the only things from me oz film manufacturing company

The Oz Film Manufacturing Company was one of the first movie studios in Hollywood, releasing its first picture in 1914. It was established by the Uplifters, a social club of businessmen and performers that met at the Los Angeles Athletic Club.

The Oz Film Manufacturing Company, an independent film studio from 1914 to 1915, cofounded by L. Frank Baum CHOZFM, a Canadian radio station based oz film manufacturing company

The Oz Film Manufacturing Company. Edit. History Talk (0) Share. 1913 1915. Grey version. Orange version. Green version. Present version. Purple version. Closeup version. Red version. Grey closeup version. Yellow version. If you look closely at this image, the body of the Ozma head is shown. The Patchwork Girl of Oz (1914) is a silent film made by L. Frank Baum's The Oz Film Manufacturing Company. It was based on the book The Patchwork Girl of Oz. The film was written and produced by L. Frank Baum and directed by J. Farrell MacDonald. oz film manufacturing company

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