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The Concepts of Education as given by prominent Indian educationists are as follows. Principles of Education and School Organization; 1. Rigved: Education is something which makes man selfreliant and selfless . 2. Upanishad: Education is for liberation . 3. Bhagavad Gita: Nothing is more purifying on earth than wisdom. . different concepts of education

Susan A. Gelman ( Contributor Webpage) This is a shortcoming: concepts that the human mind deals with are more complicated, subtle, flexible, and diverse; the words that comprise the languages of the world support this conceptual complexity, subtlety, flexibility, and diversity.

Training refers to an act of inculcating specific skills in a person. Education is all about gaining theoretical knowledge in the classroom or any institution. Training is a way to develop specific skills, whereas education is a typical system of learning. different concepts of education

In fact, people see education for merely just a formal activity. They tend to ignore the basic concept of the education itself. Nor academicians and common people do forget this case. Clarification of educational concepts. One of the tasks of the philosophy of education, accordingly, has been the elucidation of key educational concepts, including the concept of education itself, as well as related concepts such as teaching, learning, schooling, child rearing, and indoctrination. SIMPLE definitions of Education. 1. The act or process of education that leads a person to better understanding of the situations in his life. 2. The process of imparting and acquiring knowledge and training to grow ones intellectual and mental capabilities, so as to make mature decisions in different different concepts of education On each of these 9 sacred nights, different manifestations of Mother Goddess or Shakti is worshipped. Today is the 8th day belonging to Goddess Saraswati Mata and is called Maha Astami or Ashwin Shudda Astami. Thanks for explaining the difference between education and learning.

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Qualification Types in the UK. Vocational Qualification Level 3 for instance is equivalent to A Level Qualifications. Higher Education Qualifications. They roughly correspond to levels 4 to 8 in the QCF, however, qualifications such as Bachelors and Masters degrees, and doctorates remain a part of the FHEQ. In the SCQF, they correspond to levels 7 to 12.

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Nursing Education& Leadership Institute (NELI) NNPBC has received the go ahead to begin building a provincial Nursing Education& Leadership Institute (NELI) which will provide opportunities for nurses from every designation.

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Education Rankings. Several other Eastern Seaboard states stand out: New Hampshire, Vermont, Maryland and Virginia. And some Midwestern and Western states also rank in the top 10 in education: Nebraska, Iowa, Utah and Washington. Eight of the states that rank in the top 10 in education also rank in the top 10 overall in the Best States rankings.

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